Do whatever makes you happy. Isn't this our ultimate life goal  next to TO  LOVE and BE LOVED? This is why SPOTTED was created, to showcase my alter-ego. I am an Engineer by profession but right now I am a Researcher paid by the government. A portion of myself wanted to become a baker, a chef, a singer, a bookworm, a traveler (or maybe a hippie!) and a writer. I love cooking and re-inventing recipes, thus my No-Bake Posts. I love traveling, seeing new places and understanding cultures. I prefer savoring the moment and making sure to stocked it properly in my memory lane, than taking pictures of it. I love doing ordinary things and making it extra special. Back in my mind, I have so many things I wanna do and I'm taking one little step at a time. And this one is just a start. No need to rush.

BTW,  I’d love to hear from you, comments are most welcome. If you have a message, suggestions or the like, you can email me at: carmelspotted@gmail.com  and please do like my facebook page. :) 
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