10 Tips on How to Save When in Singapore

Singapore, February 2016. I got to travel 'coz I have a paper presentation in a certain International Conference. It's one of the benefits of my graduate scholarship. Though airfare was shouldered by, I still have to shell out personal money to fully enjoy SG. And I wanna share with you guys some tips on how to save (technically you cannot save when you are travelling right?) a little bit of what others are paying for when visiting the global financial centre in Asia. It is a city-state filled with a great variety of people and culture. Enjoy!

1. Book ahead. Find promo airfares.

Book a flight with promo airfares 
2. Stay in a hostel. A backpacker place with free breakfast, free wifi, and hot shower. I stayed in Bunc Hostel in Little India. I know, I'm that thrifty. hahaha

Free Breakfast in Bunc Hostel
3. Buy EZ-link Card. Ride MRT and BUS. I calculated the difference between the two rides, it's pretty much the same price. Just be mindful of the Bus Number or the MRT station of your destination.
At the bus stop in Bishan
EZ LINK Card. Makes my commuter's life a lot easier. 
4. Eat in food hawkers. There are plenty of them. You can identify the local favorite when you find people queuing just to buy a certain food. Like this one.
Mee Rebus Set with Coffee
Food Station in Chinatown 
An Indian Restaurant in Little India 
Food Hawker in Bencoolen Street 
Two Combination Rice from Chinatown. Roasted pork and chicken.
Spicy roasted duck noodles for lunch!
5. Wear your most comfortable sandals or shoes. Walk a lot. Some of the tourist destination are close to each other. It's just a walking distance.

My feet are tired from walking back and forth in Chinatown
I wear flats all the time. 
6. Bring your own water bottle and umbrella where ever you go. Chances are even if it is mid-February, it might rain.

I told you, it will rain. 
Raining at Chinatown District
7. Shop in Chinatown, Little India, and Bugis District. Sorry guys. I just can't resist posting my comfort food. hehehe
Sweet tooth I am. 
A store in Little India 
8. Visit all the gardens and parks Singapore have to offer. Botanic Gardens is considered as a UNESCO Heritage park. I suggest you visit it and forget the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay. Instead, go to Cloud Forest.

A UNESCO Heritage Park 
Entrance of Botanic Gardens
One of the endangered species in Cloud Forest. A Pitcher Plant
9. Visit Churches and Temple. There are plenty of them since population in Singapore are complementary ethic groups, consisting of 77% Chinese, 14% Malay, 8% Indians, 1% Eurasians, plus a sprinkling of people of other descent.
Chinese Temple in Bugis District 
In Little India 
St. Andrew's Cathedral 
10. Avail a City Sightseeing Tour. You can actually find them in Suntec Malls. There are tour packages to choose from. City Sightseeing's five fabulous routes  (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Brown Line) with our Hop On Hop Off service, which ensures fun and easy touring, both by land and water, day and night.

On the top of the double decker bus, take advantage of 360° panoramic views and explore all that Singapore has to offer. There are 33 stops on a multitude of attractions including the Botanic Gardens,  Singapore Art Museum and City Hall. Explore the Boat Quay, Bugis Village, the Historic Civil District, Little India, and Chinatown Heritage Centre,

You can check their website here: City Sightseeing Tour

Yellow, Red, Blue, Brown Line. Pick your choice. 

I hope I did help you in finalizing your plan in visiting Singapore. Did you find this post beneficial? yay? nay? :) :) :)
Only in Changi Airport. Cute right? 

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